Venice access contribution: the video guide for registration and payment before visiting the floating city

Mercoledì 24 Aprile 2024
Access contribution initiative starting. From Thursday, April 25, daily tourists wishing to visit the floating city must demonstrate that they have registered on the Venice Municipality portal and paid the 5 euro ticket, unless they fall into the exempt categories. The trial will last until July 14, covering 29 days. What to do then? Both exempt individuals and payers must access the website and register under the Exemptions or Payment section, respectively. But who are the exempt? law enforcement officers minors people with disabilities students workers residents of Veneto For Venetians, simply showing an identity document will suffice. Tourists required to pay are those coming from another region and not staying overnight in accommodations where the tourist tax is already paid. The QR code must be displayed from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. After that, the historic center is free.
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